The church of St Konrad in Berlin

Die Farben der Schöpfung is a photographic decoration project for the church of St Konrad in Berlin, for which Tollefsen made new works of stained glass. The starting point here is the perception of a landscape, with minute details again being blown up to larger formats to create a space for new interpretations. By combining new printing techniques and older crafts such as sandblasting and enamel painting to transfer these details and motifs to the glass, Tollefsen manages to create even more layers and even more interpretations.

Closed decoration competition for the St Konrad parish church in Falkensee Berlin.
Photograph transferred to glass via airbrushing and sandblasting, and with enamel paint on tempered glass.

The new windows connect the original church to the new parish hall. They replaced six of the twelve original stained-glass windows.

The new windows shall also engage in a dialogue with the original stained-glass windows on the opposing long wall. The firm of Braunschweig Architekten from Brandenburg was responsible for the competition and its execution. The windows were made by Glasmalerei Peters in Paderborn.

From the workshops of Glasmalerei Peters in Paderborn, Germany. Testing colors and ways of transferring the artwork to the glasses. Enamel colors, airbrush, painting and sandblasting.